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Custom Electronic Mailers

In online marketing, no news isn't always good news.

Newsletters are a time-honoured practice for sending out pertinent information. Businesses, clubs, societies and websites can talk to their members or customers and tell them about events, offerings or even ways to stay in touch, all while allowing them to stay top-of-mind.

An online newsletter is a cheap and technologically-respectable way to do all of the above for your customers. By giving them regular information and feedback in a concise and easy-to-respond-to way, you're not only reaching your clients, you're engaging them.

You've just won 18 bazillion dollars!

How many times have we all been informed that we’ve won the lottery, or told that a central-African prince wants us to hold onto his considerable wealth for him?

E-mail inboxes worldwide are constantly cluttered with annoying spam mails, and the majority of users are all too quick to stick anything suspect or amateurish into their junk mail folders. Druff Interactive will ensure that your online newsletter ends up being read instead of discarded by helping you target the correct audience, choosing an appropriate format, designing it to look slick and professional, and only giving them content that they'll find useful.

Once your customers are properly engaged we'll continue to make things more rewarding for them (and therefore more rewarding for you) through features like interesting article snippets to lead them to your website for more info, or easy links for them to interact with you across all of your company's platforms. We'll also make sure not to send anything unsolicited, a practice which is both highly illegal and highly annoying, making sure that less people win the Norwegian lottery and more people win the respect of you and your business.

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