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Full Corporate Identity

A different perception can yield remarkable results.

A famous advertising executive once came across a beggar in a park near his office. Holding a simple sign reading, "I am blind", the unfortunate man was receiving very few contributions. The ad man offered to write on the beggar’s sign, and returned a few days later to discover that the donations had increased tenfold. When the blind man asked what had been written on his sign to prompt such a change, the ad man replied, "It is spring, and I am blind."

At Druff Interactive, we understand that the ad executive didn’t make the sign more persuasive: he made it different and engaging, creating a feeling in those who saw it and ultimately changing their perceptions. And that’s exactly how we approach the corporate identities of all our clients, because we believe an original brand image that genuinely talks to consumers can completely turn a business around.

How we do our corporate facelifts.

Overhauling a big brand's image can be more difficult than adding a few words to a sign. So, before we even start nipping and tucking we research your company, your industry and your peers long before the design process even begins.

After we've done our homework we'll offer you five different logo design options to choose from, and once you're happy we'll roll it out into any and every aspect of your company's image you'd like from your website to your business cards, and your letterhead to your e-mail signatures. Even if it means a witty new slogan for your office coffee mugs, we'll work it into your new identity to give everything a uniform, considered look.

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